24 Aug 2023

Dominic Wheatley moves to role as Non-Executive Director


The Catalis Group announces that Dominic Wheatley is moving from his role as CEO to be a Non-Executive Director.

Dominic has been the architect of the success of Catalis Group, with over 2,000 people now working in the business and revenues in excess of $100m. He has been instrumental in recruiting and developing the management teams of Curve Games and Testronic and the two divisions will now be run separately under the divisional CEO’s John Clark and Mike Betti.


Dominic Wheatley commented: ‘Catalis historically was made up of two different businesses, and that is what I inherited. Now, with Curve building its own set of studios such as Runner Duck and Iron Oak, and Testronic now supplemented by Whyttest, Secret 6 and Giant in the film and TV division, it’s time to let each head to the next stage. The Catalis Board will help steer both companies and I look forward to playing my part’.


Peter Opperman, Chairman of Catalis said: ‘Dominic’s development of the management teams now allows him to move into his new role and we are delighted that he will continue to contribute towards the success of the Group’.

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