8 Apr 2019

Results of General Meeting (20 March 2019)


Catalis SE (the “Company“), the UK company providing support services and publishing for the global video games market, is pleased to announce that the sole resolution (the “Resolution“) proposed at the General Meeting held in London on 20 March 2019 was duly passed.

Full details of and background to the Resolution were set out in the notice circulated to shareholders of the Company on 1 March 2019 (the “Notice“). The Notice is available for inspection in electronic form on the Company’s website, www.catalisgroup.com.

A copy of the Resolution passed at the general meeting is available below:

Download Resolutions of the General Meeting

This announcement should be read in conjunction with the full text of the Notice. All capitalised/defined terms used in this announcement and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given to them in the Notice.

For further information:

Catalis SE
Dominic Wheatley, CEO
Andrew Lawton, Corporate Finance and Strategy Director
+44 (0) 7703 519550

About Catalis
Catalis is a diversified UK gaming company focused on the development, testing and publishing of video games. It operates through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Kuju Entertainment, Testronic Laboratories and Curve Digital from seven locations located in the US, the UK and Poland.

Testronic (Testing & Support Services)
Testronic is an award-winning provider of quality assurance services the digital entertainment sector. With over 500 full time equivalents based between the US, the UK and Poland, Testronic has the capacity to deal with projects of any size, from mobile games through to blockbuster console titles and its clients include AAA game publishers and major TV/Film studios.

Curve Digital (Publishing)
Curve Digital is based in the UK and is one of the world’s leading publishers of independent console and PC games. With hit titles such as the hugely successful Human: Fall Flat and Bomber Crew amongst its 35 strong portfolio of games, Curve is positioned well in the indie space and works with some of the best developers out there to bring their games to the widest possible audiences.

Kuju Entertainment (Developing)
Kuju is part of Curve Digital. Kuju is a renowned games development studio that historically created titles on a ‘work-for-hire’ basis for games publishers. In 2016 Catalis purchased Curve Digital Publishing, as part of the execution of the Group’s strategy. Kuju is finishing it’s last ‘work-for-hire’ game and is now working on games to be published by Curve Digital, acting as a ‘first party’ developer and in-house studio.

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